Quantitative Research

Rigorous quant,
communicated clearly.

With quantitative research, our mission is to translate human perspectives into actionable data-driven insights. So we tap into a comprehensive toolbox of quantitative methods that are custom designed to your specific needs. Our experienced team of project researchers and advanced analytics experts translate these results into a clear story that leads you to better decisions. The entire process is complemented by our in-houseadvanced analytics experts, who advise along the way.

Our Quantitative Research Toolkit

Brand Health and Tracking

From brand health to awareness-and-usage studies and custom tracking, our experienced team covers the full spectrum of brand insight needs. We help clients understand what their brand is truly “known for” and which of those attributes are most likely to drive (or stop) a purchase.

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Data driven segmentation studies are a critical tool for companies to identify high opportunity target audiences. We use a collaborative, multi-discipline approach that insures both high statistical rigor and high relevance for your brand. The end result leads to a clear prioritization of current and prospective customers, with strategies on how to win against each group.

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Innovation and Product Development

Product innovation doesn’t happen by accident. We offer quantitative methodologies (like工作要做) that can guide your innovation team to the strongest areas of consumer need. Once specific products are being developed, we guide your team with feature prioritization or conjoint methodologies that help build a product that best meets consumer demand.

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Positioning, Messaging, and Price Testing

As your new offering gets closer to market, Hypothesis can refine your approach with testing that guides you to the optimal positioning and messaging strategy. To understand pricing strategy, our advanced analytics team has a suite of approaches that help set prices to optimize both sales and revenue.

Content and Communication Development

With robust and comprehensive message testing, ad testing, and campaign tracking capabilities, we give you a concrete sense of which message or ad has the strongest impact and how to optimize it. For entertainment clients, we offer comprehensive program and pilot testing to get the most out of your content.

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客户(Decision) Journey and Experience Research

Our Customer Journey research solutions help our clients understand the process customers go through – the what and the why – when making purchasing decisions. Our customer experience solutions get a pulse on what customers are feeling in the here and now, as well as which pain points or moments of delight may prompt them to take future actions.

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