Qualitative Research

See the world through your customer’s eyes.

Customers don’t operate in a vacuum, so we offer a range of traditional (and outside-the-box) qualitative methods to better capture your brand’s role in a person’s day-to-day life. With expert recruiting and an approach that is smarter, more nimble, and more open-minded than traditional insights firms, we’re intentional at every step, thinking through the right questions and environments to facilitate radically honest conversation and getting to the heart of what people value, want, need, and expect from brands.

Our Qualitative Research Toolkit

Focus Groups

Our in home (or in-office) ethnographies and tag-alongs provide a more holistic view of your consumer and their customer journey. We immerse clients into the ethnographic process with live viewing options, and offer the ability to submit interview questions in real time. Ethnography sessions are captured using high quality video and audio, and can be produced into a professional video deliverable.

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Online Discussion Boards

Digital discussion boards capture the real time emotions and mindsets that occur within your customer’s day-to-day life. Our online immersive research engages consumers using comfortable and familiar social-media interactions, and gives us a more authentic glimpse into people’s unique worlds.

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Pre-recruited and unobtrusive in-store observation sessions help your team see the purchase process from your customer’s perspective, and better understand their dynamic retail experience. From the initial forces and motivations that cause a shopper to begin their journey to the needs and drivers that impact decisions, we identify and break down the swirl of emotions and choices that contribute to purchase.

Video Journaling

Video journals offer the opportunity for our expert interviewers to have extended, more in-depth conversation with consumers without typical time and location boundaries, resulting in raw and more candid insights.

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Our Focus Groups are facilitated by senior Hypothesis moderators and take place virtually, in person, or even in non-traditional locations when it makes sense for project goals. Our moderators are empathetic, highly experienced researchers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.

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Bio Metrics

Neuroscience offers unique insights based on both non-conscious and conscious responses central to consumer emotions and behaviors. We use biometric data to gain a better understanding of your customer’s authentic reactions to digital and physical environments, giving you a more comprehensive view of what happens when people interact with your brand.

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