Case Study

Unlocking the secret to “Working Happy” while hybrid.

The Challenge

Navigating the uncharted territory between virtual and in-person work.

Why do some people thrive in a remote work environment while others struggle? This is the question HP sought to understand in the waning days of the pandemic: how could HP’s products elevate the ‘office of the future.’ To help HP evaluate how its product ecosystem would benefit knowledge workers in the age of hybrid work, we delved deep into the mindset of a workforce just finding its digital footing.

OUR Impact

Meeting the hybrid work moment with a modernized marketing approach.

HP used our insights to create compelling marketing communications that showed how their products could meet the unique needs and pain points that come with hybrid work. Theirwidely publicized campaign, “Work Happy,” spoke to HP customers’ new realities at just the right moment and positioned HP as a key player in the future of work.

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